Long Wooden Ladders

Our beautifully rustic wooden ladders are a great addition to any marquee or barn when hung from the ceiling and decorated with greenery, flowers, hanging tea lights or posy jars.

Dimensions: 4.25m / 166 inches each
Number of rungs= 16 on each
Dimensions between rungs = 9 inches on each
Overall width = 11.5 inches on 1x of the ladders (the other ladder has the same dimensions apart from the fact it’s overall width is 14 inches instead of 11.5 inches).

Hire Price: £20 each

Photography credits:
Jake Darling Photos - www.jakedarling.co.uk
Liam Smith Photography - www.liamsmithphotography.com
Philippa Sian Photography - www.philippa-sian.co.uk
Stephanie And Nicole Photography - www.stephanieandnicole.com