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Our 5* Luxury Bar comes complete with a lockable triple fridge (storing up to 190 x 330ml bottles), butler sink and mixer tap, solid oak worktops, solid oak coasters and chopping boards, electrical sockets and USB charging points, 2x wall mounted bottle openers, optics (for up to 8 bottles), internal vintage hanging ladder lights, exterior fisherman’s light,  ample storage for glasses and bottles, 2x external blackboards ideal for signage and /or menu’s, front oak extension table above the draw bar (optional), outside step to go beneath both front and side hatches, *optional oak bar on rear ramp, optional saddle stools and **optional parasol that swings out and covers the rear bar and shields your customers from both the sun and light rain.


*We wanted to make this bar as multi-functional as possible so the rear ramp can be left up leaving just the two side opening hatches to be used, or the ramp dropped down so that our bespoke wooden bar can be installed to give you much more room.

** The parasol is roof mounted and can only be used in calm weather conditions.


Dry Hire

This means we supply the trailer only. You, your venue, your events team or caterers supply everything else. If you wish to stock the trailer yourselves but require staff then we can offer a staff only option (please enquire for further details).

The Horse and Saddle is available to dry hire for your wedding or event at £700 including the rear bar or £650 without it.

 (a non-refundable deposit of £250 is required to secure your booking and then the remaining balance is due nearer to your event date)


Cash Bar

This includes a fully stocked bar with a minimum of two staff members. This option means that your guests order their drinks and pay as they go! 

We require a non-refundable deposit of £250 upon booking and balance of fee + minimum spend is based on event details. Please contact us to discuss details so we can advise final price and minimum bar spend (please let us know of your event location, type of event and total guest numbers). 

Pre-Paid/ Bar Tab

This works in the same way as the cash bar option but with a pre-paid tab/tab contribution. Your guests then have their drinks free of charge until the tab has run out/ Guests drink for free with the host settling up at the end. If contributing to the tab then the host may choose to top up the tab or your guests can then pay as they go once the tab has run out. The tab must be settled on the same day as the event by cash or card. Please get in contact to discuss if this option is of interest.

Hire Extras

+ Delivery, set up & collection. 

+ Refundable damage deposit (needed at least 48 hours prior to hire date).


Optional Extras:

  • Blackboard personalisation (we can arrange this for you! please contact us for details).
  • Saddle or Tractor Stools
  • Parasol 
  • Individual barrels £30
  • French bistro furniture (one set includes 1x table and 4x chairs): £35 per set
  • Staff: Need bar staff to run the trailer for your wedding or event?  We can happily arrange this for you, please enquire for further details.

(Please also take a look at our other fabulous extras under our ‘Other Hireables’ section).  

Please note that a security hithlock will be included with your hire. 



  • "These designers & engineers have thought of everything from the users' point of view - easy to operate, whilst setting the 'gold standard' for impressing the most fastidious Father of the Bride!" - Paul Curry
  • "Simply perfect for your special event!" - Trish Filby 
  • ''The marquee guys told me this morning that out of all the horse box bars they've seen, this is by far the best! Everyone loved it!'' - Michelle Kettle
  • ''We want to say a massive thank you to Sophie and the Okehurst team, who supplied the gorgeous Horse And Saddle and some other props for our wedding in July. Sophie was so friendly and helpful from start to finish, she made the process a total breeze! Our guests absolutely loved the Horse And Saddle bar and it fitted perfectly with our farm location. Our caterers also commented on how well the bar was set up for their staff. We also used barrels from Okehurst as tables dotted around the reception area which looked great. We really can't recommend this company highly enough!'' - Emma Francis 
  • ''Sophie and her team were brilliant and very flexible. The horse box bar was stunning and perfect for our wedding day. On the day her staff were friendly, enthusiastic and did everything they could to help our day run smoothly. Our guest loved the bar and the staff, we’ve had so many compliments about them. Can’t recommend Sophie, the bar and her team highly enough''- Sarah Tester
  • ''Wow - what a find. Recommended by Hepworth Brewery, Okehurst design really took our party to the next level. They were professional, very reliable, easy to work with and able to recommend other suppliers for eg Festoon lighting. Thank you Sophie and your team - we’ll definitely be recommending Okehurst design and be back for our next party!'' - Tom & Ruth Simmonds 
  • ''Okehurst Design have the most gorgeous bars and accessories! The bars are the most tasteful I've ever seen and we wouldn't ever hire from anyone else! From my first enquiry to delivery and collection, everything was seamless!'' - Ellie Birch 





English actor Hugh Bonneville at our Horse & Saddle bar enjoying a glass of wine

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